Monday, 20 February 2012


New season n my obsession which was dormant for quite a long time starts to grow quicker den ever again. Dresses, shoes, clutches n floral prints n the new one on the list, long cardigan/sweater or I think some ppl cal it “shrug” wat exactly it is called m not sure :) Girls! dats wat we think most of the time...or at least I do apart from food, movies n music…if dats even possible ^^ So wen guys say all v think abt is never to get fat while eating or the like…u gotta b kidding us! It is the season of hope. Shedding of old regrets n hoping to make better memories like for me to own an orange dress...

...n not to listen to anyone who will try to convince me not to get the one i like coz its either too costly or I’ll get it somewer else n ask me to wait for the better one which i'll end up regretting later coz the dress which i saw wud keep on haunting me n my dreams wen i get none like dat one. Happens almost all the time when we do it. Ladies der wil know better ;) 

This is me trying to write…it will never get better den dis so better run s fast s u can from here else u mi8 get addicted to me whining abt things, ppl n everything else :P
P.S: I hope v getto make changes on our post n not get laughed at coz m sure tomorrow I’ll get up n mi8 want to change dis 1 :D


  1. i feel exactly the same when i didn't buy the cloth i wanted! so i always buy them even if totally i'm broke or else i don't go near any shops!

    and your post is good! keep them coming! :D

  2. learnt my lesson n now i do the same..even not going anywer near shopping places..dis darn online shopping thing! if only i can avoid it :| :) n thanks much :D